måndag 22 juni 2009

A theism?

In Buddhism, we have a strange attitude toward theism and universe ...

I would not call us "theists".

And I would not call us "atheists".
We try to see and experience clearly the deep interconnection of all phenomena of this world, try to taste our birth in sentient form, sense a reason and direction to human life and all of creation.

We are not "theists", for we do not ultimately require or cling to a particular “god” or “gods” to run the show.

That's not to say that we can't if we wish.

One can be a Zen Buddhist or Zennist while a Christian, Muslim, Jew or the like.

Sort of.

We neither require a "god", nor push any “god” away.

Unless it’s it’s an omnipotent allcreating god, as that would crumble some of the foundations of Buddhism, or would it?

We are not "theists", because Buddhism doesn’t take up the issue with a god (unless it’s an omnipotent, allcreating god, or?).

Sure, there’s stories about a lot of gods in Buddhist litterature, but that’s another story...

We are not "atheists", as we do not see things as not being run by something.

It’s simply not the issue.

I sometimes hear our attitude compared to that of innocent babes with a deep trust in this source and world that birthed us, that feeds us and which somehow allows us air to breathe.

In dropping our sense of separate self, we trade our limited perspective (as but tiny cogs, pointlessly spinning) for a vision of the whole "Universal Machine" ...

Perhaps what we have is a deep faith in "God" ...

But without the need or demand to know her name, her story or all that she wishes of us.

We place no demands upon her, even the demand that she be a "God".

Or maybe, we all are “God”?

May the force be with you

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