måndag 22 juni 2009

Into the intro


Let's do this then.

As the times keep changing so does everything (or does it?).

This will hopefully become an blogg that gives you something, as it will do me.
In it i will try to write about things that happens to me and put it in a "Buddhistperspective", and write about things that matters to me, like books films and so on.
I will try to write as much of it in english, so that it is available to all, in according with the notion that it already is...

And suggestions on what to write about is always welcome...
Email: awasedo@gmail.com

Who am i?
Well, i'm a father, a husband, an teacher, a bookshopclerk, a son, an zen buddhist priest, and so forth.
Even though i'm a humble buddhist, i'm not an authority of any sort, and please, don't put me up there.

But can you be really sure of that? ;)
For as the Hsin hsin ming says, "all is one and one is all"...
And according to buddhism that's not so far from the "bullseye" and at the same time, miles away.
But more on that one...

May you find it helpful.

May the force be with you

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