söndag 28 juni 2009

The concept of Dukkha or "Curing pain"...


I don't think we cure our pain by any kind of speculation.

We cure our pain by feeling it as it is, not adding to it and not trying to make it stop. The pain of loss is just what it is. We feel it and then we move on.


This is where i write about dukkha, the "dissatisfaction of things".
I sometimes explain dukkha something like this.

Samsara is when you put the knuckles of your hands together.
Nirvana is when you put the palms of your hands together.
Dukkha is when you move your hands.

What Brad Warner says in the quote is one of the fundamental teachings of Buddhism, although in his own "special" manner.
He often puts things in a perspective and is enjoyable to read, although some may find him somewhat "disturbing"...
Which very neatly points out the emphasis of the texts written above...

May the force be with you

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