måndag 22 juni 2009

Questions for a buddhist...


I've been asked by a student to answer a couple of questions, and i thought i should post them here.

1. Whats the difference (do you think ) in being a Budhist in sweden and a country Where the religion is "bigger"?

In short you can say that there's as many differences as there are buddhists, wherever they may "live".
But another answer might be something like this.
There is more of them!
Other coutries may have an different Institutionalization of Buddhism with more venues and more historical and cultural roots as opposed working with what is available which gives a ore open "relationship" to the buddhists and their practice.

2. Do you meditate? How does meditation work?
There's an variety of meditation techniques, but they all, more or less strive for you to "see reality as it is" or to "change an situation"

3. Do you know a lot of Buddhists?
Yes and no.
Depending on the answer.

4. How does a regular day look for you?
Like most people, except i may meditate more and be more "aware of things"...

5. According to the Buddhist doctrine, you should avoid drugs and such. How does that work for you?
This question refers to the precept of "not misusing drugs", which implies more than just "alcohol", its implying "all the drugs" in "your life"...

6. Do you visit temples regularly? How does it look there? What do you do in temples?
No, and yes.
Not really any "templebuildings" we're i live (temples here being equalized with christian churches and such).
Yes, everything can be a temple.

7. Is your family Buddhists?
No, yes and yes.
No, my mother and father isn't.
Yes, my wife is.
Yes, since "all is one", in a sence, all are Buddhists...

8. Do you celebrate any holidays? If you do, How?
A list of the holidays.


And here's two "more important" one's...






Not really.
And if i do just doing some meditation, amybe some good food, good talking.
You could say "i" celebrate every "moment"

9. According to the Buddhist doctrine, you should not kill. Does that mean you have to be an vegetarian? If so, how does that work for you?

See blogg.

And you dont have to be a vegetarian to be a Buddhist.

10. Do you try to follow all the "rules" in the Buddhist doctrine? If so, How does that work for you?

There an abundance of rules depending on your tradition/taste.

Some of the more important is

1. No killing
2. No stealing
3. No misusing sexuality
4. No speaking untruth
5. Not misusing drugs

To follow them is somewhat fundamental in todays society...

11. Buddhist struggles to attain nirvana. Many find it weird that buddhists want to disappear insted of live on. How do you, as a Buddhist, view nirvana?

See blog

An disappear?
Buddhists dont "disappear", or do they?

And also, Nirvana is a band that was around in the 90's and still are...

12. How do you find living as a Buddhist in Sweden? Is there any difficulties associated with it?

The hardest part might be that it's not really "accepted" and that people may have an view on Buddism thats not quite consistent with it really is.

But replace difficulties with challenges.
Such is practice.
Sometimes you have to take a step out and meet that challenge by actually doing.

Please write your thoughts on the questions.


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