fredag 26 juni 2009

Bookreview: Jag vet inte


Jan Bärmark is an University lecturer in scientific theory at the university of Gothenburg. He is also an practising Tibetan Buddhist and has published many articles and books in a variety of subjects.
This review is on his latest publishment, the book "jag vet inte" (I don't know). Sadly to say it is at the moment only available in swedish (and not even that as it isn't really published yet...)

It contains a lot of short essays on the a variety of things, from rhetoric and feelings to the differences between the theoretical and practising Buddhist.
Although he, in the introduction of the book, claims that "the central theme of the book is the dialogues central role in the exploration of reality and in the understanding of ourselves" almost all the texts touches something contained within the Buddhist sphere,and contains a sort of buddhist message.
The main emphasis in the buddhist section is on the western buddhism and on the tibetan buddhism. He explores it from a somewhat different angle than that of the ordinary buddhist writer, he is exploring it with the eyes of a researcher.
It also sontains an personal exposee of the author on many levels, a sort of "how it all fits together" according to the author.
Altogether this is not to say that he is advocating a certain viewpoint. It's more in the character of "i'm giving you my two cents, now think for yourself".

Although some of the texts may be a bit arduous for the novice in the subject at hand, it is an book that is easy to read, and will put a smile on your face on more than one occasion. "Humour is", as Bärmark puts it, "a medicine for a thinking that is idling", and he makes good use of it.

May the force be with you

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