måndag 22 juni 2009

Its not about the belt.


There's a story about a village, where they measure how good you are at fighting by the width of your belt.
Some had normal belts, some had wide belts.
Some had belts that went from the ankles up to the elbows.
They could hardly walk, but they were VERY GOOD FIGHTERS.

One day a young man came along.
He had only an rope to hold up his trousers.
The people laughed at him who had such a small belt.
He finally challenged the village to a fight, asking for their best fighter.
The crowd parted, and their best fighter tiptoed out.
His belt was so very broad, he could hardly move, but he was A VERY GOOD FIGHTER.

The fight began and the young man ran behind the figther and gave him an gentle nudge.
The fighter fell like an log, and couldn't move and had to give up the fight.

It's not about the belt.


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