måndag 1 mars 2010



I've come across this addon i'd like to share.

consciousness bell
At a given (or random) time interval, it plays a bell chime, inviting you to stop & sit for a while. From the website:

The Consciousness Bell is intended to introduce mindful awareness into everyday life.

A soft Tibetan bowl chime will play at random points throughout the day. When it does, take a few moments off. Stay still, and be mindful.

Notice your body. Your sensations. Your breath.
Where are you? What are you doing right now? What are you feeling?

After a few conscious moments, take a deep, relaxing breath. Smile. And return to normal life...

Allowing yourself these few daily seconds of mindfulness will grant you moments away from the rush. Being more aware and less automated in your actions, and introduce calmness and ease to your daily routine.



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