söndag 14 mars 2010

Bookreview: zen parenting


There's a brand called zen.
Don't get me wrong, i know it's a part of buddhism.
But it's also a branded name, in so much as it is used in the sence of doing something "intently, singlemindedly".
Todays book is much like this.
Zen parenting is a very good book for the parents out there.
Not if they want to learn anything about the buddhist sciptures or the life of buddha, but if the want to be here, now.
The way to do this is not by a certain method but to be here, mindfully seeing what is happening and mindfully responding to it.
And the teacher in the most cases is the children.

I said that in the most cases the children were the teachers, but not always so.
In the book they have chapters like "work and zen" and "zen during divorce" in which the emphasis is put on the workplace and undergoing divorce.
Both wonderfully done and brings about some good advices.

Each chapter in the book is put forth in a most elegant way, made for easy reading.
It starts up with a short story, and the lesson of the story is discussed.
A short section called living the lesson follows, in which the authors puts forth some things to think about and work into the practice of being a parent.
Because that's what the book is about, being a parent.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Fugen! I think I will check this out!