söndag 20 september 2009

"throw away one thing every month"


They are happy indeed who own nothing at all; Those with highest knowledge own nothing at all. See how people who own things are afflicted, Bound to others by their obligations.

- Udana 2.6

Some People have an interesting view of things.

They almost "accuse me" of not being interested in them, in that i have a saying "throw away one thing every month".
And funnily enough i met an old friend, who, the first thing she commented on was me saying this to her a long time ago.
Well, i did say that, but she completely missed the point, instead of liberating herself from things, she clinged even more to hem, even my saying so.

In my perspective, things are just as they are.
Nothing more, nothing less. Just as they are.

From my perspective i am not interested in them and in the same time i am.
They are there and i am conscious of them, but nothing more.
I do not cling to them and go hunting for more.
Sure, i use my computer to write this down, but what would i be with my computer?

Just as i am.

People of this day and age are more and more conscious of things.
Whether it is in the collecting or the abstinence of things, they are more conscious of them.
But my view is somewhat different, instead of clinging to them, just see them as they are.
Now, you might think that i, in view of my saying "throw away one thing every month", is also clinging to things.
And in a matter i am, but only so that you can experience for yourself, the thing about not clinging to things. So i say "throw away one thing every month", but what does it mean?



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