måndag 19 september 2016

Talk about relationships


One of th
e many pranks of life is that not until you no longer have anything anymore you really understand, and treasure, what you once had. At the same time, these stumbling on the road of life is something we can learn alot from. And without them, what would we be then?
It is an constant process working with relationships, of all types, and probably the thing i talk with the most when i ”talk” with people. No matter who and situation, after a while we always land in the ”relationship”-discussion.
”I have met this guy…”
”My boss is no good…”
”She’s really good looking..”
”Do you think i should…”

Interesting, and very instructive. A large part of working with people is the ability to listen.

The ability to listen is something that some people seem to have automatically but you can ”train” it as well. Working with people is both fulfilling and fun when achieve in making some good.
I usually say that you can tell if a person is a good peopleperson (and teacher) by his ability to say sorry, thank you and make people smile.
How do you rate your ability in those aspects?


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