tisdag 9 augusti 2016

Finding Nemo


Marlin: How do you know that nothing bad won't happen?
Dory: I don't.

-Finding Nemo

People today are scared of doing anything on the basis that something will happen. In Buddhism that is called Karma, the law of cause and effect.
When you do something, something will happen.

Doesn't say whether it will be good or bad, just that when you do something, something happens.

It is an misconception that karma is about good or bad.

And, who's to say which is what?

There is an Buddhist story about a man and his son who loses their horses, horse comes back with more horses, the breaks his leg asf. And all through the story the man won't state if it is good or bad when people confront him with what happened.
And for a good reason.
If we drop this notion of good and bad and just see that something happens, period, we would be able to live an fuller life not going around worrying about the consequences of living.

One of my friends was really scared of doing new things.
And when she got a boyfriend, a new problem arose, Sex.
It was so scary and got to be such a big problem for her that she was ready to end it all.

Luckily the boyfriend understood the predicament and through a loving communication, they were able to, together, solve the issue.
Not only did it solve that issue, but it untied a number of other knots in her life, enabling her to live an much more full life in all aspects.

Sometimes it's good when bad things happen..

Thank you for your practice.



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