onsdag 13 april 2016

Caught in tree


One day when I was out fishing I saw a man arrive and on the first throw got his lure caught in a tree.

Caught, just high enough and far out over the water so that he couldn't reach it.

He built an small raft, got some long branches and started beating after after it. He couldn't quite reach it, so he went and came back with an longer branch, but it was murky and snapped at the first strike, so he went for the next branch and on it went, until he finally got the lure down, packed everything up and went on home, with out ever having thrown his lure once into the water.

For me, its significant how some live their lives.

You throw the lure, get stuck, work to get it loose, and once its loose give up and go home.

So, here's the hard truth, Shit happen and thats a good fertilizer.

Thats life.

Sometimes shit happens. 
And lest be honest, if nothing ever happened in life, wouldn't it be a bit boring?

Thank you for your practice.


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