lördag 17 oktober 2015

The closed fist and the open hand

The closed fist and the open hand

Hands can be used as an teaching.
You can say that the the closed fist holds on to everything, is shut and hides whatever it is holding.
It is also clenched, hard and can hurt others when hitting.
The open hand, on the other hand, is not holding on to anything.
It is ready to give freely, receive, carry and caress.
The open hand is the richness that comes out of the generosity that occurs when we let go.
Not letting go of everything is not the same as in the sense of letting go off all your possesions, running naked into the woods asf but really letting go of everything, what some traditions call an awakening.
These richnesses comes as gifts, both big and small, and they are always in this moment, that is why we call it the present.
The closed fist and the open hand can both be the same hand, so be mindful and pay attention when handing out presents, are the hands closed or open?

Thank you for your practice.


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