söndag 7 augusti 2011

always fine


Even though i'm no authority of any kind, a humble ordained Zen Priest in training, and just an modest fool at best, today i want to talk about fine.
So please read along.
There's an story i heard some time ago, and it came up in a conversation today, so i thought i'd write it down.
The student asked the teacher how he was.
The teacher said "fine".
Next day the student asked the teacher how he was again.
The teacher said "fine".
This continued on for a while, with the student asking and the teacher answering "fine".
The student knew how much turmoil there was in the teachers life, he had an wife, a kid and students and... Eventually he asked how it came that the teacher always answered fine.
The teacher answered "You know if the sun is out it is fine, if it is raining its fine. 
If i have an good day its fine, if i have an bad day its fine. 
You can't have an up without an down and both are fine. 
Thats why i'm always fine."


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  1. It all depends on whether this was his true feeling/belief or whether he always told people what he thought they wanted to hear. But, hey, that's fine!