måndag 23 augusti 2010

Simple practice?...


I got the question on how you could practice, when "not sitting on the cushion".
So i'd like to offer three advices.

1. smile
2. Straighten your fingers
3. Say "thank you"

Now to go through them and why i chose those.
Often people say you should do this, this this and so on and it ends up being a book, or something like that.
I don't go there.
For me simplicity is the key.
So we end up with three things.

And here we go.

1. smile
Always have an smile on your lips.
This makes not only you having an positive mindset.
It also spreads like a disease to people around you, making more people having a smile/positive mindset making...

2. straighten your fingers
When we are practicing zazen, we should maintain a proper posture.
Our posture linked intimately with our mind; if our posture is sloppy and lazy, our mind is also sloppy and lazy.
Therefor when straighten out the body, you straighten out the mind.
In remembering to straighten out your fingers you unconsciously straighten your body/mind.
It is also an good practice in mindfulness, in that you are mindful of straightening your fingers.

3. Say "thank you"
Humbleness is a good teacher.
And there is no better humbleness training than to say "thank you".
In doing this you raise th other up, while not lowering yourslf.
You make him/her conscious about her/himself and about the act at hand.
That is to say, in saying thank you, you are not only teaching yourself, but also others.

But in the end it's all good practice.
Thank you for your practice.

May the force be with you

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