torsdag 8 juli 2010

Hardly Hard?

How do you explain the colour blue to a blind person?
This Koan struck me today as a friend of mine asked me how everything was and i said "as it should".
And he got all roused up since my life is kind of turbulent right now.
But, as i tried to explain to him, when something is hard because it is hard and you realize its hard because it is hard, then it's not so hard anymore.
It just is as it is.
When i have a hard time i have a hard time.
When i have a good time, i have a good time.
Nothing more.

Now, this may be hard to understand, and believe me, even harder to explain.
But thats how it is.
Follow the stream, don't force it.

Now, some might say you "can't do that" or "it would take me forever to learn that" or...
No, it's not hard.
It doesn't take more than a moment.
You just do, or do not.

May the force be with you.

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