söndag 18 april 2010

Bookreview: True love


The famous Thich Nhat Hanh has written a lot of books, on a variety of topics,and there is something for all in his writings.

This book is about love.
Not just any love, but the love that springs from the buddhist tradition.
He talks about the four aspects of love as described in the buddhist tradition:
1) Maitri: Loving kindness
2) Karuna: Sympathy, or the ability to ease others pain
3) Mudita: Joyful loving
4) Upeksha: Freedom through love
From these four aspects he gives explanations and practices applicable in you daily life.

The essential message he gives is the practice of mindfulness and understanding.
Understanding is a big part of being able to love, and understanding comes from being mindful and seeing things as they are.
So in short, it all comes back to mindful presence, being there, not just in body, but in full absolute awareness and not just once in a while either...

This is truly a book to recommend to those who really want to know love.


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