fredag 12 februari 2010

What happens now?


I use to say “when this happens, do this. When that happens, do that”.
But what does it mean?
It means to fully emerge yourself in the water, without having any thoughts of the waters colour, temperature, flavour asf.
To fully do what is right to do in that moment/doing, without any pretences or judices.
To be fully "here" without there being a "there", totally mindful of the moment and the task at hand.

There's a line in the Tenzo kyokun (instructions for the cook) that really has always mesmerised me, ever since i read it.

"When steaming rice, treat the pot as one's own head; when rinsing the rice, know that the water is one's own lifeblood."

And mind you it's not something you can "just let happen", you have to be "active"...
I once got asked if it matters if we do or not do.
I would say it matters, sometimes much, sometimes little.

When doing this, this happens.
When doing that, that happens.
other than that, I don't know.
And i don't really think it matters.
What matters is that you try ("beyond trying") to see and do what's right.

Now, people may think it’s “platitudes” and that Dead Zen Masters talk and live like that in story books, and teachings not used anymore.
Yes, they're platitudes.
Sometimes useful ones.
And there's masters/teachings being here doing the same now, just as in the books.
The problem is to find them.
I hope you do.


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