söndag 17 januari 2010

A short snap!


This is from an entry i made in Zen forum international about the importance on treating people's questions rightly.

First of all, thanks everybody for your answers, i'll pass them along (somehow...).

Secondly, the belief in rebirth is manyfold.
is there rebirth from this second to the next, or just between lives?
Is it just a figure of speech or something "real"?

Thirdly, realms and other stuff, are they for real and does it matter if they are?

Fourthly, can we believe in that the Buddha said what he did, and does it matter if he did or not?

Fifthly, religion? Do i need to say more or have i already thrown enough s--t in the fan?

Sixthly, what about nirvana?

All the above questions matter to people.
So they are important.
Treat them rightly.

As for me, i'll just sit here saying "when this happens do this, when that happens do that".

All questions are important.
Why would they otherwise be asked?
Treat them accordingly.


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